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We are a Food Truck that provides great food, a great convenience and creates a great social environment that your guests will enjoy. I know. Sounds to GREAT. Let me explain.

The Great Food!!
We specialize in creating menus that will help your party succeed! We have menus that exceed customer expectations! 

The Great Convenience!!
The best thing about our food truck service is the convenience!! We arrive at your location, set up, serve, make people happy and then leave! Done! Pretty Simple. You get to enjoy your party, visit with guests, eat a great meal and NOT worry about Food Service set up and breakdown!

The Great Social Environment!
We all know that food trucks are a great concept.  They create a unique social environment that adds to your party. From customer interaction, to guest ordering their own meal, to watching the kitchen create your meal.
We would love the opportunity to provide you with our services.


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